I’ve been to the USA…

…and all you get is this lousy blog article. But let’s back up a bit. How is this even important? Lots of people visit the US every year.

NYC seen from NJ 911 monument

The thing is that, even though I turned 30 this year, I’ve never really left Europe all that much. Most of my friends and even family members have been all around the globe, but I have never been able to save some money and go. That’s largely attributed to my inability to handle money well. Earning a bit more and trying to be a tad more responsible with my spending finally started changing that. Now here I was, deciding with my girlfriend where to go in our big 2017 summer holiday.

Our trip took us from New York to Philly to DC to Charlottesville to Knoxville to Nashville to Cincinnati to Pittsburgh to Stroudsburg. We covered close to 2400 miles with our rental car and stayed at 8 different Airbnbs.

I came to the States with certain expectations; to see a land obsessed with itself, with heritage and nationality; with capitalism and getting shit done. What I got to see were people that made me understand these prejudices. Roads, towns and cities, that told the story of an americana so modern and yet so set in its own history. People that were hospitable and reactionary. Strangers showing genuine interest within a nation obsessed with smalltalk. Young and old folk that loved to tell stories and explain themselves and their views on a nation that is still so young in comparison.

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It’s over

Hey, you remember me talking about my Ricoh GR1s and how I loved it and all that? If you read the „review“ you might also remember that I wanted to get the flash fixed. Since when I published that article, the camera survived a drop on concrete from a considerable height that left the winding mechanic sounding like shit. After going through 3 films, hearing these painfull noises after every shot, I finally considered getting it fixed at Ostkreuz. The very friendly and understanding professional told me upfront, that I am 15 years too late. Here’s the conclusion of my 1 minute call:

The Ricoh GR series is basically dead. There are no more parts available to fix my problems (flash circuit board and plastic gears).
If you know someone who can reverse engineer and print circuit boards or gears, you might be able to breathe new life into these cameras.

So here is an Update to my review: The Ricoh GR series are super awesome, but don’t buy them. They will break and if they do you can’t fix them. As sad as it sounds, this is the reality film lovers will have to face.

Zwischenstand Inspirationsprobleme

Seit dem Jahresbeginn, sind 51 Tage vergangen. In dieser Zeit habe ich etwa einen halben Film voll gemacht und eine viertel Seite kreative arbeit geleistet.

Irgendwann am Ende des letzten Jahres habe ich mir vorgenommen, im Jahr 2017 meine Freizeit mit so vielen kreativen Dingen zu füllen wie es geht. Eine der Hürden war, den riesigen Backlog an Filmen zu entwickeln, der sich über das letzte Jahr angestaut hat. Die Hälfte habe ich erledigt. Weitere fünf Filme schimmeln in meinem Kühlschrank vor sich hin. Um die Arbeit schneller erledigen zu können, warf ich endlich die ranzig gewordenen Rodinal-Reste in die Tonne und kaufte auf Matt’s Empfehlung hin Ilford HC Entwickler. Seit Tagen sitzt dieser nun unangetastet unter der Spüle. Ich habe zig Kameras im Schrank stehen, von denen weiß Gott wie viele, angebrochene Filme in sich haben. Die Ricoh müsste dringend mal repariert werden. Seit Juni plane ich einen neuen Schreibtisch zu kaufen. Mein getipptes Journal hat seit ende Dezember keinen neuen Eintrag gesehen. Das letzte gekaufte Buch heißt „Irre“ und seit Mitte Dezember habe ich etwa 30 Seiten gelesen. Seit Juni möchte ich eine Dunkelkammer einrichten. In 5 Monaten werde ich 30.

Es staut sich. Alles.