Master of my own domain

A closeup picture of a curious black bird on a mountain in south tyrol.

I kind of forgot this blog exists. It’s weird. I remember how clever I felt when I came up with the name. I was living in Leipzig and sat on our porch with my roommate. He didn’t really get it but he was nice enough to complement my idea anyways. Tumblr was still a huge deal so I put the whole thing there and only much later was able to afford a URL.

Thinking about how long ago that was and how much has changed over the years, the nostalgia hits really hard. There was a time, when we felt so safe in the internet that we put every thought on to our blogs and tumblrs and lifejournals and MySpace pages. It was therapy. We made new friends. We did put so much trust in these platforms to keep us safe. Then the money came and fucked everything up.

Many were smart enough to recognise the fact that the only space you can control and own, is the one you pay for or at least host „yourself“. I open my blogs today and I am so greatful that everything is still there. My memories are still alive. The brand that owns them is a person. It’s me. The more I think about this, the more I feel like this is much more real than any picture I posted on Instagram or Tweet I ever sent.

Whats next for this website is very uncertain.

When I read some of Katrin’s Posts on Steady, it reminded me of a much better time for the web. We wrote about our feelings and thoughts in more than just a few words and gave our posts a bit more time. When we put real effort into telling people about our grand ideas. Even the really shitty ones. I’m not going to promise any continuity or value. As I accept that I love to hear myself talk and I overestimate the value of my thoughts, I find this safe space in the little corner of a web that we hold so close to our hearts. I know that every thought we put out has value and we should be proud of that.

Especially on our own spaces where we are in control.