Why the world is not ready for path – nor is path ready for the world

Path. Everyones favorite mess to talk about. At least it was a few month’s back, when they released their major update. Back then, everybody was hugely impressed on how well it was made and all the little awesome details that went into the Ui. So was I – because even as an Android user I felt that they seemed to care about delivering a great UX. But after using the app for some days I quickly changed my mind, because it really felt sluggish, overloaded and like a bad iOS port wich doesn’t work, because it’s way to far from a native Android App experience.
It certainly seems like Path wants to change that. They’ve been tweeting and blogging about searching for Android developers since the dawn of time. But apparently nobody seems to show up. (That’s Path, not being ready for the world.)

Kind of like the users of Path.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I think I could love Path. But I can’t because I have about ONE active user in my timeline, and that’s a girl I’ve never even met in person. Path’s usecase however, should be to stay in touch with friends and family – not internet buddys you don’t know shit about. But my family won’t come. Even though my parents love to use their iPhones, they love Facebook and they really don’t see why they should open yet another account to see what I or their friends have been up to.
Also, my friends aren’t coming, since the number of smartphone users is growing oh so slowly among them and most of them have very little knowledge about the “cool” apps except Temple Run and Instagram.

Path has great potential, but nobody really knows what to do with it. Not even the founders really seem to know how people gonna use their app.
As far as I can tell, Path is still WAY ahead of it’s time – canceling out all the noise that, for example, Facebook produces – giving users a much more streamlined and usefull social networking experience…

…that nobody really needs yet.