This Is The Beginning

…or the end. Every end is a beginning, though. Sounds pathetic, right? Whatever. This is my new old blog, as it was hosted on Tumblr before where it was also treated like a neglected child. *sorry*

But yesterday it dawned on me that I really wanted back a place where I could just write about whatever was on my mind. A place that also could be an outlet for some professional, work-related stuff. So I rolled up my sleeves, ordered an URL and got cracking on Anchor – a wonderful and simple blogging CMS by the amazing Visual Idiot and a team of other awesome people which was “recommended” to “me” by Daniel some time ago.

Since I’m miles from being a developer, this whole thing is far from being finished and will eventually see some changes – as well as a custom theme, while this temporary one is based on Booty *thanks!*.
My *old* blog will be maintained as well. Probably just for photography-related stuff, though.

**Now: enjoy!**